A student of many disciplines, Jayson Argento has been active in the greater Burlington , Vermont artistic community for more than fifteen years.  His efforts span the breadth of theater, film, music and the written word.

Jayson's theatrical credits include The Cherry Orchard, The Thralls of Cthulhu, Charlie Chaplin is Wearing My Pants and Crooked.  He has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh , Scotland , both as an actor and as a musician.

Jayson's professional film pursuits began in 1998 as a featured extra in Edgewood Studios' Moving Targets.  In 2000, he worked with director Robert Zemeckis and actors Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer on the suspense thriller What Lies Beneath.  Argento has studied film acting with Jock MacDonald at Carter Thor Studios East and received SAG eligibility for his role in Alan Jacobs' American Gun (2001), working alongside James Coburn and Virginia Madsen.

Jayson Argento

He has also starred in several short films, including The Black Box, Nice Car!, The Barbarossa Effect Trailer, Xill, Project Hex, Primevil and Drake Mountain Mystery, an innovative, Internet-based mock reality series.  Projects written, directed and produced by Jayson include Cthulhu Chronicles: Episode One, The Ropes, selected for the 2006 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival as well as the Lovecraft in Vermont Festival, and a full-length feature film entitled Finding Providence.  This Sundance Film Festival submission is slated for national distribution through All Channel Films.

Argento began his musical efforts as a vocalist in the bands C'est La Vie and Uncommon Tongue.  Two of the latter group's songs from their self-produced Following a Dream (1998) appeared in Edgewood Studios' film Ice Breaker, starring Sean Astin.  In 2006, Jayson joined the rock outfit Nowhere Found.  The band's debut EP, Bleed Like Me (2006), paved the way for performances throughout New England, including a featured slot at Burlington , Vermont 's renowned Higher Ground Music Hall .  Jayson was selected as a top-5 finalist in Singer Universe Magazine's "Singer of the Month" contest and competed regionally in Talent Quest 2007

Argento is a founding member of the Vermont-based theater and film company, Stoneworks Entertainment. And also one of the founding members of Champlain Motion Pictures, a company created to focus on movie making. 
Always striving for diversity of experience and authenticity in everything he does, Jayson believes in the power of the creative spirit and in following your dreams.

During Jayson's acting career he has so far worked alongside such actors as Harrison Ford, James Coburn, Virginia Madsen, Bruce Campbell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dedee Pfeiffer, George 'Buck' Flower, Stacy Keach, Billy Ray Cyrus, John James, Burt Ward, Bruce Campbell, Sean Astin, Michael Pare, Morgan Fairchild, and John Schneider.